Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Philly, cheese steaks, Love, and the Reading Terminal Market

 Our long layover in Philadelphia is downtown, walking distance to everything.  On our way to the famous Reading Terminal Market, my First Officer and I passed "Love" park, really JFK plaza and home to the famous "Love" statue by Robert Indiana.  The Reading Terminal Market, is a mecca for Foodies and where many Amish farmers sell their wares.  There are some great food stalls, not all of them Amish.  You could spend months before you will have eaten at everyone of them.  I was amazed at the butcher shops, bakeries, and the vast amount of delicious foods available at the numerous stalls.  The aromas were sensational and the atmosphere was carnival like.  One Amish vendor specialized in beef  jerky (I bought a pound of it...handy to
Carmen's Cheesesteaks
have when flying and you need a quick snack).  Being in Philly however, we decided to get Cheese Steaks. We went to Carmen's Famous Italian Hoagies & Cheese Steaks.  I had no idea there were so many options for a cheese steak.  I got the "original" version made with, yes.....Cheese Wiz.  Interacting with Carmen is entertaining and you can watch your sandwich being made while you wait.  Just don't order a Philly Cheese Steak.  Carmen will tell you that you that you are in Philly, so you will be getting a cheese steak sandwich.  He (yes Carmen is a man) will give you a playing card matched to your order. (I think I got the king of hearts).  It was delicious and very filling, which was disappointing as I wanted to try all of the food from all of the stalls.  I will just have to pace myself and try to get more PHL layovers.  Philadelphia may not be the "City of Brotherly Love" anymore at their sports venues given how their sports fans behave, but they do have a Love statue and you will absolutely feel the love of good food at the Reading Terminal Market.  Here is the link to the market.
The Dutch Eating Place was chosen as the best stall  by a high school student who  made it a project to eat at every single food stall in the Reading Street Market and then write reviews on each of them
Reading Street (pronounced "Redding"  Market

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